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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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our daughter she is death and sad. >> that is the voice of the father struggling to get by. after his wife was paralyzed in horrific accident. good evening. >> the mother was at a playground when -- with her children when a heavy tree limb came crashing on her. tonight that mother is out of intensive care but doctors say she will no longer be able to walk. we spoke with her husband about how he and the young daughters are getting by. >> reporter: tonight cui ying zhao is out of the hospital
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intensive care unit. her husband says she is now talking and recognizes her loved ones. doctors say her legs are paralyzed but she is still holding out hope. >> hoping she can walk. the doctor says she's not going to walk but maybe going to rehab to help her to walk in the future. that's what i want. >> reporter: she was that washington square park with her daughters last friday when a heavy pine tree branch snapped and landed on her head. her husband says doctors told him her lower spine is broken and her skull is cracked. >> she cries when i see her. i tell her not to worry. we will ask for people to help and hopefully people can help us. >> reporter: he says their 2 young daughters 5 and 9 are having a tough time eating and keep asking when their mom will come home.
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doctors have not told the family when she will be able to leave the hospital but the road to her recovery is likely to be long. her husband says she is the rock of the family. >> she takes care of the kids. i just go to work. sheet pretty much does everything at home and helping the kids. without her i don't know what to do actually. -- we just got word the health of a newborn baby delivered after his mother died in a car crash is improving. today doctors upgraded baby christopher from critical to serious. his mother was a passenger in this crash early wednesday morning in san jose. she was rushed to the hospital, sadly she died during surgery. doctors managed to save a be christopher was born 2 months
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premature. tonight spokesperson says the baby's condition is better. we are tracking a fire in oakland. we just got an image we want to share with you. this is on san leandro street in oakland. this is not too far from the coliseum. a commercial structure. the flames shooting through the roof. firefighters are on scene. working to get a handle on it. we will keep you posted. no word on injuries. as you can see helgenberger running diagonal. a commercial area. not homes in the general vicinity. we will keep you posted as we learn the. if he took one look outside today from any vantage point you will notice a thick haze. and the smell of smoke. a lot of it is a result of huge california wildfires. this will be affecting us this weekend. we have video from oakland and
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san jose, this afternoon it will stick around, for how much, we find that when it might clear up. >> all over the bay area people couldn't miss the gross looking color in the air. >> we were coming off a 101 and what i thought was fog was clearly haze. it is surprising how much it blanketed the bay area. smoke from the fire all the way to the bay area. >> it's original pollutant and moves around a lot. we had it at the 1500 foot level for some time. that can drop time easily -- drop-down easily. >> the smoke dropped as low as 1000 feet. the worst air quality is south and east of the day. check out this view of oakland. >> even in the city it's not hard to see the wind blowing
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and what it brought in. >> it seems darker out here. >> we don't have a big event like a rain event which will clearly are -- clear out the air. >> those wins come saturday, friday was the 18th. even though saturday might look better, we still have the hottest point of summer animus which likely means more wildfires, pushing in more smoke to our direction. that could last through october. >> one of the biggest wildfires contracting is the fire in lake county. >> the clayton fire is now 75% contained. although that is not before 300 links were destroyed. today lake county sheriff's lifted it the evacuation order. as we can see some people are still stranded in shelters left away. >> we are helping each other. sometimes of money.
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sometimes it's just a hug. >> reporter: it is they 6 for some evacuees of the clayton fire. he is one of 12 people left at the red cross center. he keeps his spirits up with colorful outfits. >> it's going to be better. this is only a time, a period. right now. tomorrow is a different day. >> we laugh and cry the most have bonded. >> reporter: those bonds are reinforced by help from the red cross. volunteers have inspired them to do good. >> the help i got, i might try to put something for the people that are homeless. >> reporter: shelter volunteers went out of their way to make evacuees fillet home. this week they threw a surprise birthday party. >> the red cross ladies help -- heard me say it's my daughter's birthday and she went and got
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the birthday cake. everyone gathered around when she walked in. it was a special moment. >> that is the spirit here. >> the man accused of starting the blaze is of clearlake, his picture is on your screen. police say the motive is unclear. now to the latest on the massive fire in southern california. it is the blue cut fire. it has destroyed over 300 buildings in san bernardino county. today more people were allowed to go home to check on ever is left of their property. this after more than 80,000 people were forced out. the fire burned more than 37,000 acres and is 40 -- 40% contained. some areas are being threatened tonight. the cause of this place is
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being investigated. but said this, the sheriff's department arrested 3 people for looting. they are accused of trying to steal farm equipment. patrolling for looters in fire zones is dangerous. the firefighters, police were at risk. we have more on the wildfire in monterey county. it should be fully contained by the end of september. it has burned more than 81,000 acres. it started back on july 22. it was started by an illegal fire left abandoned. the fire is 60% contained. several evacuation orders are in place. 400 evacuation orders are in place. 410 structures are still friend. a positive update on breaking news out of oakland. crews have the upper hand. we got video courtesy of
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oakland fire, you can see this is from a little while ago, crews have the upper hand, just mopping up. flames were shooting out of this commercial structure in oakland. near 81st. right by the coliseum. we are happy to report that things seem to be under control. a lot of fires around the state. a lot of smoke in the air. it looks like that will stick around for the weekend. we're seeing a pretty good push of low clouds and fog moving onshore right now. as we look toward tomorrow morning we are starting out with mostly cloudy skies in the bay and valley. temperatures generally in the 50s and 60s. by the middle of the day the clouds peel away, still a little hazy, 60s at the coastline and 80s in the valley. maybe low 90s inland by the afternoon.
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we'll have more on your weather coming up. the beginning of school, lease are warning about a kidnapping scam the targets parents. it happened todayt&& and here's how it works. you get a call from an unknown number on the other end of the line here screaming. in this case someone says mom, help. a man gets on the phone and orders you to wire money to mexico to ensure your daughter is safe. in this case, the person who got that call did just that and soon afterwards found out it was a scam. police say if you get a call, anything like this, call law enforcement. and now to the naked statue of donald trump. san francisco officials removed it from the castro district. >> now there is a effort underway to reserve it, at least until the election.
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>> it depends on where you are and what your perspective is. this happened in 5 cities throughout the country. every city has a different deal with donald. the statue that was in the castro is now in police custody. it has been impounded. the public works crew to down around 3 am today. that, after nearly 24 hours of a selfie sensation spectacle. the district is the castro. where the statue was erected. they're now working with the owner of truck 25 to give the statue a more permanent home. however, there is the whole illegal -- legal issue. >> i can't just give it to someone who wants it. the person who owns the statue can come forward and claim it. however they will face fines and penalties and the cost of
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having that statue removed which was over $4000. >> it's to remind the world of just who this guy is. >> we are taking it into show them what makes america great is not heat but love. >> we mentioned san francisco. one of 5 cities in the us to have a trump statute show up on one of its streets. the group behind them is not taking them back. we started calling around, what are the other cities doing? here lefty o'doul's wanted. the police are saying it's not there is. >> with all that it could go in the rock 'n roll hall of fame. >> in cleveland they kept up for one hour. the other cities, it was there for a whole day in san francisco.
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same with seattle. this is the donald in los angeles. a store in la, sometime yesterday said i'm going to remove it and claim it. the owner of that business now has it. they will keep it inside for one week and then will auction it off and give the proceeds to immigration causes. a business in seattle did a similar thing, it's now at the hutchinson village vintage shop in seattle. unclear how long it will be there. private people have claimed them, it's almost squatting. however, it does raise the issue, what if someone had gone yesterday and taken it from the castro, would san francisco police be doing the same thing seattle pd and lapd are doing, saying whatever? we haven't heard the end of the san francisco doll. -- donald. police are investigating a deadly shooting in berkeley.
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the suspect is still on the loose. officers responded to calls of shots fired near mabel and burnett on thursday. they arrived to find in -- and unresponsive man. there are no suspects. investigators say it does not appear to be a random shooting. it is the city's 1st homicide of the year. a teenager in richmond shot and killed police and police are offering a reward to leading the answers. in 19-year-old was found with multiple gunshot wounds near 24th street he later died from injuries. officers say she was simply riding her bicycle to a friends house when she was shot. richmond police are now offering $10,000 for information from anyone at home leading to an arrest. a bear -- a woman is accused of cyber stalking christian or.
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she appeared in federal court on 15 different counts related to the alleged harassment. he said his troubled daughter has done things like this before. >> here's the indictment that lays out the charges. they include stocking, hacking, extortion and identity theft. the feds say the 36 rolled targeted jenner and other unnamed family members for 6 months back in 2014. him she allegedly impersonated jenner and sent lewd is it -- messages. she claimed she had a sex tape she was threatening to sell. the father was home and did knowledge appear on camera he talked to me by phone. he says he has something to say to the jenner family. >> i have an opportunity to apologize to them.
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no one apologized to a we are going through. i want to make sure they are okay. we spent thousands of dollars on that daughter trying to keep her straight. she is mentally unstable. she needs to be on medication. >> he says his daughter was in and out of juvenile hall for stocking men. she was diagnosed by a doctor is having scoring on her brain. her dad said a doctor told him then they would always have trouble with her. her father says she was prescribed medication for her condition but it's hard getting her to take it. a plea was not entered today and she's out of jail on $20,000 bail. she's do in court on monday. as the zika virus spreads in florida, we have been telling you about that, we're looking into the chances of you
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getting the virus here in the bay area. >> it's a possibility but something that is a bit of a stretch. we're going to take a look at what could happen with the possibility of this coming to the bay area. >> now with the latest. >> the cdc says if you are pregnant don't think about going to miami beach. do not go. there are now 2 places in south florida where mosquitoes that are transmitting the zika virus have been found. the 1st was discovered on july 29. this was the active transmission area. the winwood neighborhood. the gut carrying mosquitoes have crossed an infected both tourists and locals. >> we believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring. >> south beach draws thousands of tourists with hotels and restaurants. now it's attracted the carrier
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of the zika virus. the bad news comes as the governor reported progress against miami's 1st neighborhood to report active zika virus transmission. >> we are reducing the area of winwood. we are requesting additional support from the cdc. >> the cdc notice recommends testing for any pregnant woman who has spent time in miami beach since july 14. because of its high-rise buildings and windy weather, aerial spraying is just not effective. the mayor says the city is doing everything in its power. >> the last thing i would ever want to be in miami beach is a mosquito. we're going to do everything in our power to make the city safe for our residents and tourists. that is the most important, job number 1. >> we've gotten a few questions. the possibility of getting at here.
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we know there are about 3 dozen people here that half the virus. all of those people were infected will they were traveling abroad. the question we are getting a lot, if a mosquito bites one of those people, and then bites be, could i get zika virus? i made some calls and here's what i found out. there is a potential, according to the san mateo mosquito control, but the potential is very unlikely. what you're looking at is a mosquito that carries the virus. only this guy. it is known for its black and white legs. it is not native to the bay area and there is no established population here. that mosquito, which isn't here, would have to write the person who has zika virus, while the infection is still active, and then bite you. the window for the person who has zika virus to be infected is only about 7 days. one week. it's a small window.
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there is a possibility, we not -- we are not going to say no but chances are unlikely. not everyone who gets bitten gets sick. >> in san diego there is a community where they are spraying for this mosquito. there is a person there who may have contracted the disease. >> it is frightening. let's head back down to rio would have been concerned about zika virus. hear something that overshadowed things. us swimmer ryan lochte. he issued an apology of sorts to the scandal that has overshadowed the last several days of the summer games. in the 3 paragraph statement it says in part, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend. for not being more careful and candid and how i described events. he is not the only one expressing remorse.
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reporter kim hutchison has reaction from the us olympic committee. >> reporter: the committee apologizing for the behavior of 4 us swimmers and for the distraction from the olympic games. the move was necessary according to sports analyst christine brennan. >> the nation is looking at this and saying you are representing us. in a country where the crime issue is so important, to tell a telltale, ally, is something that seems so wrong, especially at these games. >> reporter: according to a facebook post from police, the other 2 swimmers denied having been victims of a robbery and said ryan lochte's version of events was not true. even though
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no criminal charges will likely be followed it could still cause trouble for the athletes. >> the standards for olympic athletes are higher than any other olympic -- athletes. there is a code of conduct one has to sign. the games themselves are nearly coming to a close. they wrap up on sunday. the drama is not slowing down. it was eventful in men's track and field. >> over 100 metals for the us. -- medals for the us. >> you think the once the race is over, you get your medal and go home to celebrate. not the case tonight. let's get to it. as soon as the race was finished the results went as such, jamaica, japan and the us 3rd. however, there was a problem minutes after the race. officials announced team usa was
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disqualified because mike rogers handed the baton too early to just in which is considered a foul. as a result canada wins bronze in america gets nothing. to make it takes this event for the 3rd straight olympics and you same bolt his 9th goal. moving on to the women. no problems. america edges out jamaica to take 1st in the women's 4 edges out jamaica to take 1st in the women's 4 x 100. alex claims or 5th gold medal. the most for any female in track. finally, us men's basketball team showing it does not matter how you win just as long as you win. the usa squeaked past spain. advancing to a game. they can complete the quest for a title sunday against serbia. here's the latest olympic will count. the us leads with 105.
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38 gold 35 silver 32 bronze. what will your weekend be like? a preview. >> i think we will see temperatures cooling into sunday. tomorrow is warm but the air quality will get a little better. stronger seabreeze. we have fog in the bay right now. we will see more of that as we had throughout the night. tomorrow starting with clouds early on and hazy in the afternoon. we will see plenty of fog along the coast line. air-quality, it will be slightly improved tomorrow. still moderate. a lot of haze in the atmosphere with all the spoke tomorrow. especially along the coastline you get the seabreeze and that helps clear out the air. high pressure overhead but when it starts to weaken, get into sunday, that will allow for cooler air to make its way into the valley. temperatures still comfortable.
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lots of 70s and 80s in places like concord. 63 in san francisco. looking out over the next few days, we will see temperatures drop into monday and then we will warm up in the middle of next week. cooling back down as we look toward the next weekend. in a couple of minutes we will break down the weather and talk about a special festival. still ahead, a determined suspect makes it out of the police car but not in the way you expect. you don't want to miss this video. a legal gray area for a long time in california. motorcycles doing this. driving between 2 lanes of traffic. it is called lane splitting. governor brown has a decision on the legality of it.
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watch out for motorcycles. the 1st state to legalize the practice of lane splitting. >> what drivers are saying about it. >> governor brown took a stand and made it official. california is the 1st state in the country to officially legalize lane splitting which is when motorcycles go in between 2 lanes of vehicles. it's always been a gray area in california. never really on the books the police have allowed motorcycles to do it. never declared legal or illegal. and now the bill was sponsored, today we took an informal poll of sorts. >> i think it is cause for concern. considering it can cause additional accidents.
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it's already dangerous as his. >> if it's lot the word will spread around and people will look out for. people aren't aware right now. >> that guy used to write so he can see both sides of the issue. lots of stipulations. one is that bikes can't be going more than 15 miles 15 miles per hour faster than the cars around it. you can't was by traffic. the other is you can't lane split faster than 50 miles per hour period regardless of what the other vehicles are doing. and this is my favorite, 2 wheels on the road at all times. no popping wheelies. coming up, with the release of the latest california jobs report, we look at what the high demand jobs are in the bay area. a crime alert in the east bay. it has to do with this. be careful where you set this down and whether you leave it open. we will tell you the thieves
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are stealing your money without victims noticing.
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tonight we look at money, the tech jobs are in high demand. >> in july jobs report was released, the state an important -- unemployment rates rose. more people are entering the workforce looking for jobs. last july the unemployment rate was 6.1%. >> california still lags behind the national unemployment rate which is 4.9%. >> tonight despite reports we're entering a tech slowdown, we look at what tech jobs are still in demand in silicon valley. >> we are now seeing the amount
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of tech jobs in the bay area, passing where they were in the height of area and two thirds and -- 2000. >> i caught up with chris over facetime, i met her a couple months ago when we 1st started hearing about a slowdown hitting the tech sector. she told me tech jobs are steadily growing in the bay area. we keep hearing about big companies enough people but there is so much demand that those laid off will get scooped up. >> i have a lot of calls about where are the hardware engineers going to go? there are still plenty of jobs. >> i describe it as a slow slowdown. capitalists are not handing out funding is really as last year. it's hard to be a startup looking for money. it will see less tech companies go public. but overall we are not seeing
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any real fear about a bubble. the slowdown has not yet affected the demand for tech jobs here. recruiters told me these are the fastest-growing sectors for tech jobs. virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicles. >> the biggest jobs we see our front and development, anything with javascript. it's about the user experience. how it looks and feels. some of the technologies, things like mobile designing. those are the hottest opportunities. we thought it was just an isolated incident one day after we should you this surveillance video, we learned purse thefts are happening in public places and are on the rise. one of the restaurants where this crime happened is offering a reward.
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now how the alleged thieves operate. >> reporter: this is video of 2 women suspected of stealing a wallet from a customer who placed her purse on the floor here at the rooftop restaurant in downtown walnut creek. >> the 2 girls are sitting here and the family was at this to -- these 2 tables. >> this hostess decided to see themselves. -- said the 2 women decided to see themselves. >> it was weird because the entire restaurant was anti-. they chose at that table after they told me they were going to look around. and then they sat down and i asked him what was going on. and they said they can see themselves. >> the suspects did come in and pretty much cased out the table they wanted. >> reporter: investigators say over a three-week period the 2 suspects stole 3 wallets from
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purses at 3 different restaurants. investigators say the 2 women were caught on surveillance video committing credit card fraud. after releasing this video a 4th victim can forward. now the ownership of rooftop is offering 8 $1000 reward for someone to come forward. >> our ownership wants to offer up a $1000 reward for information leading to identifying these women. we are hoping that this reward will bring the women in and set an example that you can't come into walnut creek and steal people's personal belongings. we are watching you on camera and we are glad we have the footage. we hope someone turns up some information.31nç school districts in san mateo -- san mateo county will be conducting water quality
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testing. school officials say there is no specific reason to believe the water is contaminated, the tests are being done to ensure safety. the san mateo county office of education serves more than 94,000 students. donald trump has tried twice before, now everyone is wondering if his latest campaign reboot is the real deal. in 24 hours he has accepted his campaign manager's resignation, launched his 1st tv ad and made a presidential style trip to visit louisiana communities. for the 1st time he is seeming to be apologetic. >> we are glad you're not paying -- playing golf. >> donald trump touching down in baton rouge and criticizing the president for staying on
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vacation. it's the worst natural disaster since super storm sandy in 2012. >> the spirit of the people is incredible. the devastation likewise they never seen anything like it. but the spirit of the people is incredible and honestly, obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >> the white house announcing obama will visit baton rouge next week. meantime trump appears to be softening his tone. >> sometimes in the heat of debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not i regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain.
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>> trump never actually saying i'm sorry, but still asking voters to give him a chance to shake up the system. >> what you have to lose by trying something new? i will fix it. watch. you have nothing to lose. >> in hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans. >> trump's 1st tv ad hit sierra today. the campaign spending $4.8 million for ads in the battleground states of ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and florida. >> donald trump's america is secure. dangerous criminals and terrorists kept out. the borders secure. our families safe. >> clinton's camp already on the attack. in case you thought for a split 2nd trump was feeling regret, he is back to demonizing immigrants. this comes as a new team takes over. sources telling cnn paul
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manafort said he was becoming a distraction and wanted to end it. his right-hand man says trump is finally taking charge. spec he did not like the direction where the campaign was going. he wasn't pleased with the key battleground states. >> now a federal judge has ordered federal -- hillary clinton to answer questions. about her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state. the order was issued today as part of a long-running public records lawsuit filed by the group judicial watch. the decision is only a partial victory. it wanted to question clinton under oath. judicial watch is among several groups who has sued the government over access to the records. still ahead, singer tony bennet is celebrating his 90th birthday with the city of san francisco. a tribute unveiled today for one of the nations latest performers.
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the video you don't want to miss. this somehow managed to get out of the please car. it wasn't the way he intended or the way you would expect. the surprising video when you come back.
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a police officer is hurt in a suspect in jail after the officers patrol car gets this. it sent the suspect flying out the back window. take a look. this video was taken right before the crash. you can see the 19-year-old managing to somehow get out of his handcuffs, he starts kicking , that takes a lighter and tries to burn the car. the car struck in the suspect goes flying out the back window.
10:44 pm
ultimately he ran away before being caught and arrested. the officer had to be cut out of the car and was flown to the hospital. the suspect will was sent to jail. no word on what caused the crash but it may have something to do with distracted driving. just ahead, the giants look to make it 2 in a row against the mets. highlights from at&t park. low clouds and fog surging back on shore. will have your forecast coming up.
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one of san francisco's greatest singers, known around the world, he is honored for his 90th birthday with the unveiling of a larger-than-life bronze statue in front of the fairmont hotel. tony bennet. he was welcomed with a standing ovation wishing him a happy
10:47 pm
birthday. he stood beneath the statue of himself saying he would never forget this day, it will live in his heart forever. the fairmont hotel is where tony bennet 1st saying his and the city's signature song, i left my heart in san francisco. that was back in 1961. so many great things to do toward the end of summer. how you can take this beautiful night, looking at the bay bridge and turn it into a fine we can. >> so many festivals going on. we have the smoke and haze, but if you want to get out and enjoy it this is the art and soul festival in san francisco. >> that is why went to pam it's in oakland. it should be great. lots of sunshine. a couple patches of fog early in the morning. it's looking nice in the afternoon.
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the pictures in the low 70s there. out the door we have patchy fog, continuing outside it is making its way in and it's going to work its way into some of the valley. temperatures 57 in san francisco. 60 in oakland, 65 in livermore. we do have some of the smoke in the bay area but nothing like the central valley. it is very thick throughout the san joaquin valley. air-quality alert in effect until monday. even then it may get extended. temperatures tomorrow, 63. partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. bensley -- plenty of clouds. 82 in oakland. high pressure still in control although it weakens. highs will stay -- skies will stay hazy. mid-80s in the high country. saturday and sunday looking for 80s in tahoe with thunderstorms
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possible into monday. around the bay area tomorrow, 60s with lots of fog toward the beaches. 70s as you make your way inside the peninsula and about 78 in sunnyvale. 20 of sunshine. in the south bay plenty of 80s in the afternoon. 82 san jose. east bay temperatures are going to warm up a few degrees. close to 90 livermore by tomorrow afternoon. 88 in walnut creek. toward the north bay, starting out with patchy fog giving way to sunshine by the afternoon. 70s there. 79 in napa valley. the next couple of days we will see cooler weather as we head toward sunday and monday, coming up just slightly on tuesday and wednesday. we are heading into kron4 sports. >> i like to think that over the last couple of weeks the giants were doing that to make
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it exciting. you can't win them all. down the stretch in here you go. touch and go with just a few days, the giant into the weekend are in good shape. the nl west once again up for grabs in san francisco. -- san francisco to control. a couple of legends on the field. the giants were singing tonight on both offense and defense. bottom 3rd, met up one, sending joe home. rbi single to right, hunter pence laying it all out as he dives for a beautiful grab. then nick, eduardo nunez, a sweet stab at 3rd. and the bats cashed in. bases-loaded.
10:51 pm
a rip to write, giants take a 2- 1 lead. 8th inning, gillespie, he will keep it splashy. a beeline shot, that punctuates 85 run frame and takes new york, giants make it 2 straight and are back as johnny gets his 1st win since the all-star break. the a's opening three-game set with the white sox. 1st setting the tone. than 8 to run moonshot. that is one of his 3 hits on the night. it also jumpstarted the parade to come. 5th inning, it's out here. oakland 2 homers in the frame, led a 2-nothing after 5. in the 9th, kendall, a marathon performance. puts the stamp on his 1st major- league complete game shutout.
10:52 pm
2 hits, a's win. the 49ers continue the preseason tomorrow after a week of intense practices with the broncos. they finally get to settle their differences for the 2nd week in a row lane is order back one. newly signed christian will most likely be the 2nd man running the offense. : kaepernick won't be suiting up as he takes care of a short -- sore shoulder. he's expected to return next week. here's a stats report from the coach. i i'm sure he may feel that way, but what is the best thing for him in terms of picture he is 100% and ready to go. >> he is involved in every discussion. it's not like we are telling him what to do. he is one who ultimately knows how he feels. a lot of times we had a muscle
10:53 pm
injury you feel great but if you push yourself too far, we want to air on the side of caution. -- error on the side of caution. >> we know the next season nba all-star game. new orleans is officially named the 2017 site. last month it was pulled from charlotte because of the state controversial lgbt law. this is the 3rd time new orleans has been selected to host the games. >> thank you very much. have a good we can. coming up, we don't need seatbelts, or do we. i will look at a location where you're most likely to find a person not wearing a seatbelt. him
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this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing.
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sometimes you have to do would you have to do but in one part of the bay it's what they're not doing, that's getting the attention. >> i don't know what this clue is about so it sounds like a project of stanley roberts. >> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: make sure you can snapchat when you get to the golden gate bridge. or even tweet. we want you to. you can even climb to the highest spot to get that special picture that no one else has. you can break up the selfie stick. you can become the envy of all your friends. but if you're going to be in a car, there is one simple request. wear your seatbelt. it's not really a request, it is the state law. unlike this guy, but stopped the video.
10:58 pm
you can see actually in the passenger seat in the rear. this is a solar city van, doors open and people unbelted eating to take photos. it's not hard to spot drivers and passengers going across the bridge not wearing seatbelts. it's harder to get some video. but they are tourists, they can do what they want right? well they cannot. if you're -- unless you are on a tour bus you must be belted in. if not the person to be ticketed. if it is a minor, 16 years or younger the adult will receive the ticket. but that is nothing compared to what could happen if you are involved in a minor crash. the 1st thing they will ask is were you wearing a seatbelt? if you're in any condition to answer. $157 is the fine for the adult. the fine for the adult if it's
10:59 pm
for a minor, it's $469. look at these 2 ladies on the bay bridge. and of course every driver or passenger would be model citizens. at the golden gate bridge in san francisco, kron4 news. firefighters battle to gain the upper hand on a structure fire burning out of the east bay. >> at one point fire crews are having a hard time trying to control the fire that was burning out in oakland. they called in for extra engines. now with the latest details. >> not an easy fire. this was lighting up the east bay side. can see the flames coming out of the commercial building. it is near 81st, you can see it's proximity to the coliseum.
11:00 pm
firefighters are mopping up right now, surveying the damage. you can see this from 1 hour ago, it's unclear what caused the fire. fortunately no injuries. health warning if you plan on eating outdoors this weekend. the national weather service says the air quality will be unhealthy in sections of the bay area and it's largely because of all the smoke in the air because of the wildfires. tonight spencer blake tells us when the smoke my clear out. >> reporter: all over the bay area friday people couldn't miss the gross looking color in the air. >> we're coming off a 101 and what i thought was fog was clearly haze. it is surprising how much it blanketed the area. >> reporter: it's blowing smoke from the nearby fire all the way to the bay area. >> smoke is a regional pollutant. we have had it


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